Headspace Sorbent Pens™ & VASE

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Introducing Entech’s new solvent-free Sorbent Pen™ headspace solution, the most versatile extraction and sample preconcentration technology available for GC & GC-MS systems. Sorbent Pens combine the features of SPME and classical ¼” adsorbent traps in a design with far more flexibility and enhanced performance. The Sorbent Pen™ uses an entirely new approach for sample extraction. Direct insertion of the Sorbent Pen™ through a gas tight liner in the vial allows for new techniques such as VASE “Vacuum Assisted Sorbent Extraction,” to recover a far wider range of compounds than ever before. Drawing a vacuum through the pen’s unique micro-valve allows for a more thorough and rapid equilibration to occur in the vial headspace.  With considerably greater phase loading than SPME, and a durable, ultra-inert Silonite treated steel enclosure, the Sorbent Pen can perform exhaustive extractions and more fully recover light to heavy compounds with improved sensitivity and reproducibility.

VASE and FEVE offer tremendous advantages over other extraction techniques that perform extractions at atmospheric pressure, where diffusion rates are suppressed. Sorbent Pens™ perform sample enrichment offline from a GC-MS, allowing all samples to extract simultaneously and for longer periods of time. This approach results in high throughput while yielding a more complete and reproducible extraction for more sensitive and quantitative measurements. The low cost 5800 Sorbent Pen™ Desorption Unit (5800 SPDU) makes this exciting new technique both affordable and practical for virtually any laboratory’s budget. Upgrade to 120 sample automation with the Entech  SPR (Sample Preparation Rail) Autosampler for the ultimate in laboratory productivity. Join the Sorbent Pen™ movement and take advantage of the next generation in GC-MS sample prep!

  • Highly reproducible. Very Low Carryover.
  • Durable – hundreds of injections.
  • Operates at or near equilibrium to improve sensitivity and quantitative accuracy.
  • Perform exhaustive vacuum extraction of VOCs through SVOCs.
  • Unlike SPME, outer sheath minimizes exposure to aerosols formed during agitation.
  • See taints, odors, additives, flavors & fragrances at levels below previously possible.
  • Faster injection rates produce better chromatography / less thermal degradation.
  • Rapid injections without cryogen or electronic cooling.
  • Usually requires no secondary bakeout/cleanup.
  • Sample up to 2 days under vacuum for unsurpassed SVOC recovery.
  • Sample at elevated or sub-ambient temperatures as needed.

Take productivity to a whole new level by combining the award winning VASE & Sorbent Pen™ extraction solution with Entech’s new Sample Preparation Rail (SPR). The SPR delivers automation of up to 120 samples pre-extracted.

  • Products

  • 5800 Sorbent Pen Desorption Unit(120/230VAC)
  • 5800 SPDU Liner for Headspace Sorbent Pen™
  • GC Mounting Kit (Agilent/Thermo/Simadzu)
  • HS Sorbent Pens - Tenax TA
  • Tenax® + Carboxen 1000
  • Tenax® + Carbopack™ X
  • HS Sorbent Pens - Blank
  • 20mL Clear Vials (72 ct.)
  • 40mL Clear Vials (72 ct.)
  • Caps for 20mL/40mL/60mL Vials (144 ct.)
  • Vial Lid (Silonite Coated) for 20/40/60mL Vials
  • White Viton O-Rings for 20/40/60mL vials (10 ct)
  • Sorbent Pen Removal Kit
  • 30 Position Sorbent Pen Isolation Tray
  • 30 Position Tray for 20mL/40mL/60mL Vials
  • 5600 Sorbent Pen Extraction System(120/230VAC)
  • Vial Evacuation Unit
  • 2-Stage Oilless Diaphragm Pump(120/230VAC)
  • Double-Ended Micro-QT Valve
  • 30-0”Hg Vacuum Test Gauge (w/ Female Micro-QT)
  • 3801 Sorbent Pen Thermal Conditioner(120/230VAC)
  • 30-Position Cold Tray for 20/40/ 60 mL Vials

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