Compare the Accelerated 7200A Preconcentrator and Cryogen-Free 7200CTS Preconcentrator Systems

Whether your laboratory uses Liquid Nitrogen or your desire is to be LN2 free, Entech has the most advanced and accurate solutions in the industry. For TO15 and the new TO15A canister methods,  Entech is now introducing an even faster LN2 based solution, our 7200A, that nearly doubles the sample throughput of our previous LN2 based technology, while still offering all the superior water management and accuracy that our customers have come to expect.  Rather than taking 45-50 minutes injection to injection, the 7200A does this in typically under 25 minutes, thanks to our new EFIT – Extremely Fast Injection Technology.

With EFIT, the sample is deposited on the column in less than 1 second, producing peak widths of just  1.7 – 2 seconds to allow separation with shorter and narrower columns with only 0.5 um film thicknesses.  The 7200A with EFIT creates a whole new standard of productivity with the complete suite of TO-15 compounds eluting in under 10 minutes!

Doubling your throughput is like someone giving you a free GCMS, as well as another free preconcentrator, since one system can generate the data of 2 systems.  Would you spend another $2-3 in LN2 to allow you to run another sample without the space or cost of another GCMS?  Whether you are a contract lab or an agency needing to improve efficiency, faster throughput simply makes good sense.  As costs lower, your ability to compete dramatically increases, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.

Available on GSA. 

Features of the Fast GC-MS 7200A LN2 3-Stage Preconcentrator
  • Extremely Fast Injection Technology (EFIT)

    Extremely Fast Injection Technology (EFIT) that reduces bandwidth to 1 second or less on column

  • Much shorter run times and cycle times = Higher Productivity

    Cycle times injection to injection as short at 20-25 minutes for a 250mL sample size.

  • Complete elution of TO15 compounds in under 10 minutes, with column bakeout done in just 2-3 additional minutes

  • Reduced LN2 consumption compared to prior Entech preconcentrators (7100A, 7200)

  • Lower carryover by optimizing Silonite coated flowpath temperatures and M3 bakeout timing

  • Superior water management reduces impact on GCMS relative to prior art

  • Less column bleed resulting in better baselines and fewer source cleanings

  • Advanced software that improves the user experience

  • Supports up to three 16 position autosamplers to allow up to 40 samples or canister blank certs to run overnight, or 48 to run over the weekend

  • Supports 7650-M for 1L soil gas canister analysis, and 6 minute screening from injection to injection (10 samples per hour!)

Accu-Sample TechnologyTM

Accu-Sample Technology combines digital valve control with direct volume measurement rather than indirect time integrated flow measurements to allow small volume accuracy to 10cc  over a wider pressure range while allowing air and non-air matrices to to be analyzed accurately.

Preconcentrator Feature Comparison

Cryogen-Free Preconcentrator
Accelerated Preconcentrator
Design & Performance Specs
Compatible Boiling Point Range
-50°C to >300°C
-105°C to >250°C
Compatibility Range By Carbon Number
C3 to C20
C2 to C14
Primary Trapping System
Multi-Capillary Column Trapping
Packed Traps (Adsorbent, Glass Bead) Open Silonite Column
Focusing Trap
Multi-Capillary Column Trap
Cryofocusing on Unpacked Silonite Tube
Trap Operating Temp
35 to +220°C
-190 to +230°C
±3% when sampling over 50 mls of sample
±3% when sampling over 50 mls of sample
Detection Limits for EPA Method TO15 Compounds * MS Dependant
0.05 PPBv *
<0.05 PPBv *
Coolant / Cooling System
Fan Cooled
Liquid Nitrogen, 20-60psig
Sample Introduction Volume
1cc to 250cc
1cc to 1000cc
Sample Pressure
10 - 50 psia
10 - 50 psia
Complete Cycle Time
30 min
22 - 30 min
Dynamic Range
Sub-PPB to PPM
Polar Compounds
Yes (No Formaldehyde)
Sulfur Compounds
Yes (No H2S)
Sub PPB using ECTD
Water Removal Efficiency
95 to 97%
Features & Capabilities
Accelerated Analysis
Microscale Purge & Trap
Extended Cold Trap Dehydration
Automated Standards Addition
High CO2 Samples
Accu-Sample Technology
Digital Valve Isolation
Loop Injection Valve
Yes - Included (0.5-2cc) 1cc Typical
Yes - Included (0.5-2cc) 1cc Typical
Pressure / Vacuum Leak Test Prior to Opening
Built-In Sample Ports
Mass Flow Controllers
Primary Sampling Media
Canisters, Mini-Cans, Bottle-Vacs, Tedlar Bags
Canisters, Mini-Cans, Bottle-Vacs, Tedlar Bags
Helium Diffusion Samplers (HDS)
Yes (w/7650)
Yes (w/7650)
Thermal Desorption Tubes
Yes, (w/5400)
Yes, (w/5400)
Autosampler Support
All 7650, 7016D, 7032A/D
All 7650, 7016D, 7032A/D
Autosampler Connections
Up to 3
Up to 3
TO-14A, TO-15, LL-TO-15, HJ759 TO-17, ASTM 5466, PV2120, OSHA 1021
TO-14A, TO-15, LL-TO-15, HJ759 TO-17, ASTM 5466, PV2120, OSHA 1021
Operating Platform
SmartLab 2
SmartLab 2
Operating System
Windows 7, 10
Windows 7, 10
Operating Specifications
120VAC / 60Hz, 230-240VAC / 50Hz
120VAC / 60Hz, 230-240VAC / 50Hz
Operating Environment
10 - 28°C
10 - 30°C
Isolated Contact Closures 2 TTL level optoisolated open-collector outputs as start signals for GC Start
Isolated Contact Closures 2 TTL level optoisolated open-collector outputs as start signals for GC Start
Accepts switch closures or open-collector inputs for GC
Accepts switch closures or open-collector inputs for GC
UHP Helium or Nitrogen (10psig)(w/7650) Air/N2 (30psig)
UHP Helium or Nitrogen (10psig)(w/7650) Air/N2 (30psig)
Weighted Comparison & Special Features
Compound Compatibility Range
Cost of Operation
Elimination of Cryogen Saves Money Less GCMS Maintenance
Uses 30% Less Liquid Nitrogen than 7200
System Hygiene
Unparalled Hygiene & Uptime - Virtually no trap carry-over
Accu-Sample Technology / Valve Isolation Extended Tenax Trap Backflush Bakeout
Water Management / Humid Samples
Near complete elimination of water
ECTD, MPT, Dry Purge+ SmartSplit Water Management (3X Reduction of Water to GCMS)
Cycle Time
Under 25 minutes injection to injection for soil gas or low level ambient or indoor air.
Physical Properties
33-40 lbs (120VAC), 46-52 lbs (240V)
35-42 lbs (120VAC), 48-54 lbs (240V)
9.5” Wide, 18” Tall, 22.5” Deep
9.5” Wide, 18” Tall, 22.5” Deep

Take full advantage of section 179 tax benefits. Deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. This is the perfect end of year addition to your laboratory.

Download the 7200A Application Note.