Ultra Inert SiloniteTM Coating Solutions

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Custom SiloniteTM Coating

Any 300 series stainless steel or glass shape can be SiloniteTM coated. Entech coats OEM parts for a variety of uses, and in various industries.

SiloniteTM Capillary Injection Liners-Agilent®

SiloniteTM coated GC Injection Liners provide a “no-bleed” solution for the analysis of reactive compounds. Available to most common GC models.

SiloniteTM Coated Fittings

Entech stocks a wide variety of SiloniteTM coated fittings. We can also coat custom fittings upon request.

NOTE: Nuts are not coated since they do not come in contact with a sample path. Ferrules are also not coated since Silonite coating would make the surface harder, resulting in variances in sealing characteristics.

SiloniteTM Coated Tubing

SiloniteTM tubing can be further deactivated in a proprietary process which results in an incredibly thin, low-bleed coating. Our deactivated SiloniteTM tubing provides the best inertness for chromatography applications. Polar and reactive compounds show even better GC injection profiles with reduced tailing during analysis.

SiloniteTM Coated Valco® Valves

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SiloniteTM High Pressure Cylinders

Other sizes are available upon request. Contact our SiloniteTM Coating Department:

SiloniteTM High-Pressure Valves

Entech stocks a wide variety of SiloniteTM coated valves. We can also coat custom valves upon request

SiloniteTM Treated Loops

SiloniteTM Coated Loops are pre-bent before coating. This creates the most inert internal surface possible. Loops are batch tested using dry, polar standards at room temperature to verify complete inertness.