Entech’s revolutionary new technology, VASE (Vacuum Assisted Sorbent Extraction), gives researchers around the world a simple, rapid and sensitive method for the investigation of volatile disease markers in blood, urine, saliva, tissue and other bodily fluids. Go beyond SPME with VASE.

Disease Biomarkers in Blood, Saliva, Urine, Tissue and other body fluids


VASE’s unique approach for extracting low volatility chemicals for direct injection into a GCMS is opening new possibilities into the detection of specific disease-related volatile and semi-volatile markers.  These biological markers can be at low part per trillion levels, and exhibit very low vapor pressures, making them invisible to investigators using previous headspace extraction techniques. Optimizing sensitivity by time integrated extractions under vacuum using the enhanced recovery only possible using the high surface area found on VASE cartridges make the discovery and quantitative measurement of new markers possible, opening up new opportunities in clinical diagnosis for the detection of diseases such as cancer, and for measurement of wellness markers indicating levels of inflammation and oxidative stress.  Unlike SPME and other extraction techniques performed during GC analysis, VASE performs its extraction offline, allowing the potential for very fast GC/TOF or GC/MS/MS to improve productivity and lower per sample costs.

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