Monitoring for chemicals in response to accidental releases requires the sampling device to be mobile and easy to use. It should also be small, light and inexpensive. The MiniCanTM fits this description better than any other sampling device available. Featuring a Silonite® coated interior, the MiniCanTM becomes an essential, portable and cost effective extension of the GC analytical process.

Emergency Response Sampling

The excellent seal provided by the MiniCan’s Micro QT Valve allows it to stay under a secure vacuum for years, so that it is ready for immediate sampling when a release occurs, just like a fire extinguisher is ready just by pulling a pin.  The new “EverSampler” allows immediate sample collection by pulling a pin and pushing down on the top of the canister to allow the internal vacuum to take a “snap shot” of whatever has been released.  Retrieval and analysis by GCMS remains the most reliable way to determine the extent of chemical release, allowing the measurement of more compounds and at lower levels than any other technique.  Entech continues to pioneer the latest technology for collection of air samples for GCMS analysis, and the “Eversampler” is just another product designed to be ready when an emergency happens.  Are you ready?

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