Bottle-VacTM Samplers

Bottle-VacTM samplers are the most economical gas-phase sample collection containers available. They use Micro-QTTM Valves which are small and non-contaminating by design. Our Bottle-VacTM samplers are as gas-tight as stainless-steel canisters, making them a low-cost alternative for whole air sampling. A sample is only exposed to treated glass, 316 stainless or SiloniteTM coated stainless steel, and a small O-ring which forms the seal at the cap. All of these materials are inert, allowing for a wide range of analytes to be recovered. Time-weighted sampling techniques are possible using MiniCanTM sampling inlets, or by using Helium Diffusion Sampling.

Whether transporting to the field, or just performing low-cost, in-house canister dilutions, the Bottle-VacTM Sampler gives the Environmental laboratory a very practical tool for air and soil gas monitoring

H2S Bottle-Vac Samplers

Economical solution to collect H2S and Methyl Mercaptan samples

Bottle-VacTM Samplers

Easily collect H2S,C0S, & More into H2S Bottle-VacTM Canisters

H2S and Methyl Mercaptan recovery has continued to be a analytical challenge when sampled into canisters at PPB to sub-PPB levels. The presence of more than 10–15% relative humidity within a sampling canister has been shown to dramatically reduce reliable storage time of H2S and to a lesser extent Methyl Mercaptan, relative to dry samples.

Fortunately, Entech offers an economical solution. Now, laboratories can choose to collect H2S and Methyl Mercaptan samples into new H2S Bottle-VacTM canisters. These canisters are designed to accommodate a specific amount of Silica gel within the sampler in order to dehydrate the sample upon collection. This small amount of Silica gel effectively removes more than 90% of the water vapor without affecting quantitative recoveries of H2S and Methyl Mercaptan. Easily collect H2S, COS, and more into 500mL and 1L H2S Bottle-VacTM canisters and reliably retain >80% recovery even after a 1–2 week storage time prior to analysis. For the collection of heavier sulfur compounds which are less affected by humidity levels, simply utilize standard Bottle-VacTM or SiloniteTM canisters.

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