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Authors: Sage J. B. Dunham, Victoria L. Noad, Bailey S. Arakelian & Daniel B. Cardin


  • The specific chemical composition of cannabis is responsible for the fragrance and flavor of the product, the experience of a recreational high, and the medicinal benefit.  
  • In a phenomenon known as the “entourage effect”, evidence further suggests that compounds act synergistically to produce desirable pharmacological effects (Russo, 2011).  
  • Here we describe the application of a solvent-free headspace extraction approach – vacuum assisted sorbent extraction (VASE) – in combination with thermal desorption GC-MS to study the makeup of cannabis flower.  
  • Using this approach, we obtain chemical profiles for cannabinoids and terpenes with extraction times of less than 10 minutes and a total cycle time (raw plant material to results) of less than 1 hour
  • Our findings reveal the unique cannabinoid and terpene compositions of different cannabis strains and demonstrate the potential of VASE for cannabis analysis.

Poster: Cannabinoid & Terpene Profiling of Cannabis by Solvent-Free Headspace Extraction and Thermal Desorption-GC-MS
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Create DateSeptember 5, 2019
Last UpdatedSeptember 5, 2019