(72ct) 20mL Clear Vials

(72ct) 20mL Clear Vials (Use amber for light sensitive samples)

Product Description

The Sorbent PenTM Extraction System provides a convenient way to perform vial extractions using 30-position trays. Load the sample to be extracted into the vial, insert the Sorbent PenTM, create a vacuum through the MicroQTTM seal at the top of the Pen, and then load the tray into the 5600 to start the vacuum extraction. The Sorbent PenTM Extraction System agitates the samples at 30-300 RPM to speed up transfer of volatiles to the headspace, while heating the sample from ambient +4°C to 70°C. Extractions will be complete in 1–48 hours depending on the application.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs




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