7650-M MillionAirTM System

SKU: 7650-M

High Throughput Air Analysis

Introducing the all-new 7200 | 7650-M, MillionAirTM Analysis System. The most advanced instrumentation ever developed for the analysis of volatile and light semi-volatile compounds in air and soil gas. Now, you can choose to analyze any size canister in your inventory with the quality assurance of direct inlet robotics.

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Product Description

The 7200 Preconcentrator and 7650-M Inlet combine for state-of-the-art whole air analysis.

The 7600 and 7650-M canister autosampler minimizes carryover when exposed to high concentration samples by combining brief sample contact time, zero-dead-volume canister connections, and Accu-SampleTM technology found in the 7200. Accu-SampleTM control completely isolates samples within specific, low-volume flow-path segments, and prevents trap exposure during important sample select and preflush operations. The 7200’s built-in loop option allows as little as 0.25cc to be precisely controlled and injected. The result is greater dynamic range and a reduction in the number of sample dilutions required when analyzing Soil Gas and other high-concentration samples.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs


Description Part# Unit
7200 | 7650-M, MillionAirTM Analysis System*
7200 Preconcentrator (with 1cc Loop) 7200-01 EA
7650 w/ Loop Injection and Splitter 7650-M EA

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