7650-L20 GC Gas Autosampler

SKU: 7650-L20

The 7650-L20 Injection system

The 7650-L20 can automate the injection of gas samples to virtually all GCs by using the model specific communication cables available from Entech.

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Product Description

The 7650-L20 Injection system

The Entech 7650-L20 is the only system handling automated injection of Tedlar bags and other gas phase samples using a single inlet robotic autosampler. The 7650-L20 can automate the analysis of up to 16 Tedlar bags, or 24 to 80 BottleVac samplers or MiniCans depending on the size of the canister or Bottles. Canisters and gas sampling Bottle-Vacs can be heated prior to analysis to extend the molecular weight range of recoverable compounds, allowing a reliable way of measuring heavy volatiles or semi-volatiles.

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