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7650 Autosampler. For operation with 7200

Product Description

The state-of-the-art in automated whole air analysis

The 7650-01 brings the automated analysis of MiniCans™, Bottle-Vacs™, and other large volume sampling canisters to a whole new level!

Drawing upon the benefits of its predecessors, the 7650 is the first canister autosampler to facilitate the analysis of up to twenty, 1 to 1.4L canisters while maintaining samples in a completely closed and isolated state until required for analysis. This level of isolation greatly reduces the potential for cross-contamination, making the 7650 an ideal choice for today’s soil gas laboratories. All samples, standards, and blanks flow through the same direct flow path, eliminating any problematic background level variations – a well-known challenge with rotary valve based autosamplers.

The 7650 features a reliable and precise pneumatic z-axis control along with minimal transfer-line sample contact. The brief sample transfer process is immediately followed by an inlet line nitrogen flush to further reduce any sample contamination risk. Since the heated transfer line directly inserts into a MiniCan™ or Bottle-Vac™ canister via an ultra-compact MicroValve™ fitting, there is absolutely zero unswept dead-volume.

When paired with the 7200 Preconcentrator, the 7650 becomes an ideal autosampler solution for today’s modern laboratories that must routinely analyze both high and low concentration samples.

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Weight 1 lbs


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