10cc/min, ?” Compression Fitt

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10cc/min, ?” Compression Fitting Inlet/?” Compression Fitting Outlet, filter, orifice, 30″Hg-0-40PSIG Gauge Assembly.

Product Description

Chameleon Soil Gas Sampler

10-cc/min Flow Rate -1/4″ Compression Fitting Inlet to Compression Fitting Outlet Connection.

  • The Chameleon can be configured to minimize compression fittings based on the probe, line, or fitting it needs to connect to
  • The inlet and outlet can be configured separately to optimize the sample train
  • The down hole vacuum gauge monitor can be added to any configuration, and verifies that excessive vacuum is not forming in the soil (<7.3” Hg vacuum)
  • All configurations can be maintained under vacuum during shipment to the field to perform the shut-in test (leak test)automatically

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Flow Rate

10 cc/min

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