Innovations You May Have Missed.

  • Optimize your TO-15A Workflow.

Labs are switching to the 7200CTS & 7200A at an unprecedented rate.

By now you have most likely heard about the Entech Cryogen-Free 7200CTS & the 7200A.

Qualifying instruments include

    • Preconcentration systems – 7200A, 7200CTS
    • Autosamplers – 7650-M, 7650-L20, 7016D

Cash credits for 7100A or Markes™ trade-ins.

Now thru May 15th,  get $3,000 Cash Credit towards the purchase of a qualifying autosampler (7650-M, 7650-01, 7016D)  and 7200A or 7200CTS  combination when you trade-in your 7100A OR a Markes Unity™ II, -XR,or CIA Advantage™. *Must take delivery by June 15th, 2020.*Credit applies before other applicable discounts. *Must take delivery before June 15th.

Qualifying instrument combinations include. 

    • 7200A or 7200CTS & 7650-M
    • 7200A or 7200CTS & 7650-01
    • 7200A or 7200CTS & 7016

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