A New Cryogenless TO15 Canister Preconcentrator with Reduced System Carry-Over When Exposed to Higher Concentration Samples

OVERVIEW A new preconcentrator design is presented which eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or complicated electronic cooling while performing US EPA Method TO15 analysis . A new technology called Multi-Capillary Column Trapping System (patent  pending), or MCCTS, is used to concentrate all TO15 compounds at 35°C, which is achieved simply by using cooling fans. […]

7200A – Fast US EPA TO15 Analysis Providing Higher Productivity using the new Entech 7200A and Agilent 7890B/5977 GCMS

INTRODUCTION Canister sampling and analysis for measurement of volatile chemicals is finding use in a growing number of diversified applications. This includes analysis of VOCs in Ambient Air, Indoor Air, Vapor Intrusion, Soil Gas, Landfill Gas, Stack Gas, Fixed Gas Cylinder Purity, and others. As the EPA Method TO15 market continues to grow, there is an increasing need to improve laboratory throughput. Reducing cycle […]

Improved Performance And Dynamic Range For EPA Method TO-15 using the Entech 7200 and Thermo Scientific ISQ QD GCMS

Accurate Monitoring of Sulfur Compounds in Silonite® Fused Silica Lined Canisters Utilizing a New Approach for Water Removal During Field Sampling