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Canister sampling and analysis for measurement of volatile chemicals is finding use in a growing number of diversified applications. This includes analysis of VOCs in Ambient Air, Indoor Air, Vapor Intrusion, Soil Gas, Landfill Gas, Stack Gas, Fixed Gas Cylinder Purity, and others. As the EPA Method TO15 market continues to grow, there is an increasing need to improve laboratory throughput. Reducing cycle times between injections requires having shorter GCMS run times as well as more efficient sample preparation techniques that reduce the time needed to concentrate the sample, perform water elimination, focus, inject, and cleanup the preconcentration system prior to the next analysis. Both cryogenic and cryogenless systems are available for this purpose, but until now most of these have required GCMS run times of 28-35 minutes, with cool down times and subsequent preparation for the next injection bringing the total cycle time from injection to injection to around 45- 60 minutes.

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