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Canister sampling and analysis for measurement of volatile chemicals are finding use in a growing number of diversified applications. This has required air laboratories to accommodate an even wider dynamic range of sample concentrations, and a growing list of compounds to include those once thought to be incompatible with canister sampling techniques. New materials for the internal lining of canisters and field sampling systems, as well as laboratory analyzers optimized using 3D Computer Assisted Design software, have provided the improved performance needed to meet these challenges. A new Air Toxics TO-15 Analyzer based on the Entech 7200 Preconcentrator and Thermo Scientific ISQ QD GCMS system is demonstrated here, creating performance levels well beyond what was previously possible. Every aspect of the sample preparation and analysis process has been optimized to improve linearity, recovery, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Linear calibrations that meet TO-15 criteria are now possible over a dynamic range of 100-2000 fold, reducing the number of dilutions necessary, while lowering detection limits to meet today’s Low Level TO-15 standards. The improved recovery and linearity also reduces the downtime previously caused by systems that were only marginally meeting the method linearity requirements. The following application note will describe the new advancements in the 7200/ISQ GCMS system that have resulted in a dramatic improvement over prior technology.

Improved Performance And Dynamic Range For EPA Method TO-15 using the Entech 7200 and Thermo Scientific ISQ QD GCMS App Note
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Create DateJuly 12, 2017
Last UpdatedOctober 3, 2018