DSP 325 Bundle (220-240VAC)

Bundle includes:

Description Part# Qty Unit
*Diffusive Air Monitoring Bundle SP-DSP-B01-HV 1 EA
**Sorbent Pen Thermal Desorption Unit 5800-SPDU-HV 1 EA
5800 Liner for HSP and DSP Sorbent Pens – SiloniteTM Coated 5800-LNR-SP 1 EA
Sorbent Pen Spiking System 4200-SPSS 1 EA
BTEX Plus Cylinder, 800L, 2.7PPM Benzene, 350 CGA Fitting 40-SP-325-2 1 EA
1,4-Bromofluorobenzene Cylinder, 800L, 10PPM, 350 CGA Fitting 40-SP-BFB-100 1 EA
High Purity Regulators 40-02004 2 Set
Sorbent PenTM Thermal Conditioner 3801-SPTC-HV 1 EA
Diffusive Sorbent Pen – CarboPack X SP-DSP-CPX 10 Pk
Blank Diffusive Sorbent Pen SP-DSP-0 1 EA
30 Position Tray – Diffusive Sorbent Pens. Manual or 7800 Autosampler SP-DSPTray30 1 EA
PDMS Pre-Column, 5m x 0.53mmID, 0.5um 56-10530-05 1 EA
Diffuser Caps SP-DSP-DFCAP 1 EA
3-Position Diffusive Pen Monitoring Station SP-DSP-AMS3 1 EA

Note: **GC Mounting Kit Ordered Separately
**Order GC install kit separately

Product Description

US EPA Method 325 – Passive Sampling on ¼” OD Tubes

• Meets requirements of U.S. EPA Method 325 finalized Fall 2015
• 8 hr – 2 week passive sampling provides highly reproducible results for BTEX and similar boiling range VOCs.
• More reproducible than radial samplers because sample is backflushed  during thermal desorption rather than pushed through the entire   adsorbent bed.
• Carbon Tetrachloride is quantitatively recovered, so Global background of 70 ppt can be used to validate proper sampling when performing GCMS or GC/FID/ECD

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

Diffusive Sorbent Pen

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