Automated Canister Sampling Timer and Pneumatics. . Allows automated start/stop during canister sampling. S/N’s:

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The TM1200 is Entech’s next generation canister sampling timer that automatically starts and stops the sampling process at specific times. Now you can easily start a 24 hour sample at midnight and stop it at midnight the following night without having to be present. Typically operated with our CS1200Ex canister sampler to time integrate the sampling event for a 24 hour sample, the TM1200 creates an optimized solution by exposing the collected sample to a very short, inert flow path for maximum compound recovery and minimal carryover. The TM1200 uses very little power, operating up to 6 continuous months before having to replace the single 9VDC battery. A battery status indicator shows you when there is less than one month of battery life left, giving you plenty of notice so you don’t miss a sampling event. The internal latching valve was specially designed to minimize the exposure to the sealing elastomer for an unparalleled reduction in contamination potential. The TM1200 is sealed against water introduction and has a sun shield to keep the timer cooler while allowing easier programming in bright sunlight. Select any day of the week, and any time to start and stop the sampling. Several start/stop events can be programmed if more sophisticated sampling schedules are needed. When sample collection is needed once every 6 days, the TM1200 can be quickly reprogrammed to the new day.

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