Flow Professor™ (includes 100cc Ballast)

The Flow Professor™ + CS1200E + Silonite™ Sampling Canister + You. A winning combination for today’s air monitoring lab.

* 100cc ballast assembly already included. Computer sold separately.

Product Description

Introducing the all-new Flow Professor™, the easiest and most accurate way to calibrate your Entech CS1200E field samplers. Using the latest CS1200E technology updated in 2014, the Flow Professor totally automates the calibration process for sampling into canisters as small as 450cc and as large as 15L. Just set the canister size, the sampling duration, and the vacuum to leave in the canister after sampling (typically 2” Hg) from the simple Windows® menu, attach the Flow Professor to the CS1200E, and select START CALIBRATION. The Flow Professor™ automatically adjusts the flow setting of the CS1200E to obtain the correct flow every time. The sophisticated software even adjusts for estimated field temperatures and sampling site elevation to optimize sampling rates under any environmental condition. Trying to accomplish those calculations manually can be difficult at best.

Using the new CS1200E with greater low-flow stability, accurate filling of a 6L canister can be set from 1 hour to a full 2 weeks. Can you imagine doing continuous monitoring at a field location and only collecting 2 samples a month? Now that’s all easily automated with the Flow Professor™ from Entech. Even the quality of the restrictor and diaphragm are verified to ensure consistent flow rates in the field.

Generate a calibration report for long-term documentation, and then send the CS1200E out to the field in Entech’s new shipping boxes that perfectly protect both the canister and the flow controller in a single, compact container.


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

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