Sub-Slab & Vapor Intrusion Sampling

Monitor gases directly under the slab of buildings to determine the potential for intrusion into the indoor environment. A vacuum tight seal is made through the building’s foundation, with a unique “triple seal” using two O-rings and a water dam that ensures that only gases from beneath the slab will be drawn into the sample train and canister. After sampling, the slab face sealing fitting is removed allowing a temporary plug to be installed.

Chameleon Soil Gas Sampler shown with Entech Slab-TightTM Sampler.

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Entech Slab-TightTM Sub-Slab Sampler

Entech’s unique Slab-TightTM sub-slab sampler eliminates interferences created by grout and other slab sealing materials.

Grout may contain contaminants that can positively bias the results.

Added Down-hole moisture from the grout may affect the solid/liquid/gas phase equilibrium.

The Entech Slab-Tight sub-slab sampler makes a mechanical connection and seals with no chance of contaminating the collected soil gas.

Tracer Gas Shroud for butane or helium leak checking is available.

Helium Tracer Gas Shroud Solution

The Entech helium shroud solution was designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. It delivers on all points by allowing for the entire soil gas train to be connected and disconnected from the shroud in just seconds through the utilization of a magnetic latching system. [expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Minimize”]The inexpensive shroud can be reused over and over with clean evacuated sampling trains that are shipped directly from the lab and snap right in! The sample trains are sent under vacuum, therefore just a quick glance at the gauge is all it takes to satisfy the field shut-in test. [/expand]

Seamless VAPOR PIN® Sampling Device Compatibility

VaporPinLogo w R

The Quick-Connect MQT-SVPS attaches to the top of the FLX-VPTM VAPOR PIN® sampling device and connects directly to Entech Silonite™ Sampling Canisters or Bottle-Vacs™. The FLX-VPTM VAPOR PIN® sampling device works effortlessly with the Entech Gas Shroud and Chameleon™ Sample Train. Quick-Connect fittings provide the fastest way to connect to sample containers or field instruments, and they minimize the loss of soil gas to indoor air.

Chameleon Brochure

Sampling soil gas into canisters provides significant advantages over the use of passive adsorbent samplers with regard to both maintaining the integrity of the sample in the eld and ensuring that the best analytical technique is used in the laboratory.