Permanent Well Soil Sampling

Get the Whole Picture by Canister Sampling

In order to test contaminants well into the vadose zone or near the water table, deeper holes or “permanent sampling wells” must be installed. The Entech Chameleon Soil Gas Samplers connect to the tubing that is installed in these wells for easy and controlled filling into inert SiloniteTM coated canisters. Since these sampling sites are installed by different companies or agencies, the Chameleon was designed to change its inlet and outlet to adapt to whatever connections are needed, ultimately reducing the number of leak points and places for VOC contamination to build up.

Benefits of Well Sampling

Simple, reliable, gas-tight connections ensures proper sampling Chameleon is sent to the field under vacuum, to prove the entire sample train is leak-tight while also preventing contamination during shipping. Select the Chameleon that provides the required sampling rates (typically 150 or 200cc/min) based on agency requirements. Easily disassemble the entire Chameleon to clean parts if water is accidentally pulled into the sampler Fewest number of fittings due to unique design of Chameleon

Helium Tracer Gas Shroud Solution

The Entech helium shroud solution was designed to be easy to use, easy to clean, and affordable. It delivers on all points by allowing for the entire soil gas train to be connected and disconnected from the shroud in just seconds through the utilization of a magnetic latching system. This inexpensive shroud can be reused over and over with clean evacuated sampling trains that are shipped directly from the lab and snap right in! The sample trains are sent under vacuum, therefore just a quick glance at the gauge is all it takes to satisfy the field shut-in test.

Helium Detector

The Entech He / O2 analyzer is a precision instrument for measuring the concentration of oxygen and helium in the tracer gas shroud. The analyzer is characterized by high accuracy and reliability thanks to innovative measurement techniques. The technology works by measuring the speed of sound, thus there is never a need to change the helium sensor.

Helium Tank & Regulator

Entech provides 1800 psig He cylinders with a regulator, operated at 2-200 psi, to complete the all-in-one sampling solution.

The Chameleon Soil Gas Sampler fits all your sampling needs!

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