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7200CTS (Column Trapping System)

“One of The Biggest Technological Leaps the TO15 Market Has Ever Seen.”

Introducing The Cryogen-Free 7200CTS.

Entech is proud to release the world’s first multi-capillary column trapping system (MCCTS) patent pending, for the precise concentration of vapor phased volatile chemicals in the boiling point range of -50C to 230C without the need for liquid nitrogen or complicated electronic cooling. With over 28 years of continued improvements and industry feedback, the 7200CTS is as established and reliable as it is new and improved. Many of the important advancements that have led to its unparalleled reproducibility, such as quantitative volumetric measurements utilizing “Accu-Sample Technology,” and digital valve isolation, are left unchanged. The core trapping system, however, has been completely reengineered, giving way to a technology that will likely replace the utilization of packed traps for most, if not all methods requiring the preconcentration of vapor phase volatile organic compounds.

Take full advantage of section 179 tax benefits. Deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment purchased or financed during the tax year. This is the perfect end of year addition to your laboratory.

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