A new preconcentrator design is presented which eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or complicated electronic cooling while performing US EPA Method TO15 analysis. A new technology called Multi-Capillary Column Trapping System (patent pending), or MCCTS, is used to concentrate all TO15 compounds at 35°C, which is achieved simply by using cooling fans. Two stages are used: the first to trap the sample, calibration standards, and internal standard; and the second to further focus the concentrate prior to GCMS injection.

The new solution uses multiple capillary columns in series with increasing strength to trap compounds boiling from -50°C to >230°C, using volumes from 10-500cc. The trap design shows considerably less susceptibility to contamination when exposed to high concentration soil gas samples, reducing the downtime laboratories experience when accidentally analyzing these samples prior to dilution. Full TO15 validation is demonstrated, including blank levels immediately after running higher concentration samples containing BTEX, PCE, and TCE, which are compounds often found in soil gas at elevated concentrations.

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Create DateMarch 15, 2018
Last UpdatedMarch 15, 2019