5800 SPDU

5800 Sorbent Pen Desorption Unit The 5800 SPDU is a thermal desorption system designed to reliably deliver samples collected on Sorbent Pens™ to a GC or GCMS. The unique design of the 5800 SPDU (multiple patents pending) includes a far shorter path length to the GC column than any other thermal tube desorption system (only […]

Entech Air Monitoring Sorbent Pens™

Entech Sorbent Pens™ represent the future of passive ’diffusive’ sampling, incorporating many subtle but critical engineering design elements that ensure quantitative recovery, reproducibility, and cost effective long term use. The result of decades of research into volatile chemical sampling and analysis has resulted in a sampler so accurate and reproducible that the data is almost unbelievable!