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SL2 THERMAL TRANSFER SYSTEM w/ new flow control.
4-Station Thermal Transfer System for transferring contents of a thermal desorption tube into a 500cc Bottle-Vac. Order Heaters Separately.

Product Description

The Next Generation in Tube Screening & Analysis

The analysis of adsorbent tubes can be a nightmare for analytical laboratories, especially when there is a requirement to get results on 100% of the tubes tested. Instrument problems, unexpected analyte loading outside of the GCMS calibrated range, and cross-contamination make the normal “one-shot” analysis very risky. Even attempting to recover a “split” fraction of the tube sample onto another tube is plagued with problems such as added background, poor leak-free validation, and incomplete recoveries from yet a second tube.

The 5400B Thermal Transfer System simplifies all of this. The 5400B automates the transfer of tube samples into either SiloniteTM coated MiniCanTM or Bottle-VacTM samplers. Unlike Tedlar® bags, both MiniCansTM and Bottle-VacsTM can be heated to maintain the recovery of TO-15 analytes.

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