3112D | 3100D Cleaning System Bundles (120VAC)

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Oven Configurations:

All Bundles Above Include items below:
Description Part# Unit
3100D & Control Software 3100D EA
3100D Molecular Drag Pump 10-31000 EA
3100D Humidifier 07-10531 EA
6L x 12 Canister Oven 09-OV6L12 EA
3108D External Tubing 15-31080 EA
2-Stage Diaphragm Pump – 220-240VAC 10-20034 EA
Individual Manifolds and Fittings
Description Part# Unit
(12) Pos. 6L Manifold 3100-12 EA
(40) Pos. Minican or (12) Pos. 6L Manifold 3100-12M EA
(12) Pos. 6L Manifold w/MQT option** 3100-12MP EA
Female Micro-QT Manifold Fitting FQT-624LPS EA

** Micro-QT™ ports are plugged. No Micro-QT™ Valves included.

Product Description

3112D Cleaning System Bundles

The 3112D oven quick-connect manifold accommodates up to twelve 6L canisters or up to 36 1–1.4L Minicans for complete heating during the cleaning process. Connect two ovens and clean up to twenty-four 6L canisters or 72 Minicans simultaneously!

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Weight 1 lbs