3100D Canister Cleaning Systems

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Entech 3100D, 3108D, 3112D Canister Cleaning Systems

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Product Description

Superior oil-free canister cleaning systems for high throughput laboratories

Canisters are cleaned for reuse by evacuating and refilling with nitrogen or zero air multiple times to completely eliminate VOCs introduced during the previous sampling. After cleaning, canisters are  left under vacuum in preparation for resampling. System pressure and vacuum readings control the evacuation and fill times for consistent batch to batch cleaning. Silonite® coated manifolds and separate fill and evacuation flow paths ensure the most rapid elimination of VOCs and SVOCs possible. These updated systems now include method control of oven temperatures and adaptive feedback and control of the molecular drag pump to improve pump performance and longevity.

The 3112D oven quick-connect manifold accommodates up to twelve 6L canisters or up to 36 1–1.4L Minicans for complete heating during the cleaning process. Connect two ovens and clean up to twenty-four 6L canisters or 72 Minicans simultaneously!

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