Soil Gas Monitoring Well Sampling Kit

Monitoring Well Kit, 200 cc/min.

Note: 600cc, 1L, or 1.4L Cans sold separately

200cc/min Chameleon sample train

50cc Water Dam and Pre-purge Syringe

1L and 1.4L MiniCan Quad-Pod Stand – optional

Product Description

Deep Well Monitoring

In order to test contaminants at or near the water table, deeper holes or “wells” must be installed. The Entech Chameleon Soil Gas Samplers connect to the tubing that is installed into these wells for easy and controlled filling into Silonite coated, inert canisters. Since these sampling sites are installed by different companies or agencies, the Chameleon was designed to change its inlet and outlet to adapt to whatever connections are needed, ultimately reducing the number of leak points and places for VOC contamination to build up.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs

200cc/min Chameleon sample train

1L and 1.4L MiniCan Quad-Pod Stand

Chameleon Soil Gas

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