A New Era in Canister Analysis Has Arrived

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The SkyCan™ Autosampler represents a giant leap forward in bringing today’s canister laboratory inline with other GCMS laboratories, by moving canister samples above the GCMS, maximally close to the GC or sample preconcentrator prior to analysis. The SkyCan™ Autosampler improves system integrity by removing the sample-to-sample variability present in multi-inlet rotary stream select valve autosamplers. Such autosamplers are further compromised by the long residence times of samples in each line, making it difficult to reduce background levels. With the recent reduction of allowable system background levels (e.g. EPA Method TO-15A), autosamplers that rely on rotary valves may no longer be capable of consistently achieving the extremely low blank levels required to provide sample analysis at parts per trillion detection limits. Can you imagine having to demonstrate blank levels for each individual line on all your multi-inlet autosamplers, every day?

The SkyCan simplifies the process, as running one standard system blank is all that’s needed given that the SkyCan is equipped with only one inlet! How easy is that? This eliminates the need to make assumptions about system hygiene, by directly proving it, daily, or more frequently if needed. With the SkyCan you enjoy all of the advantages of a robotic system: a single inlet, short sample exposure times, vacuum cleaning between samples, reliable blank levels, connection to cans only at the time of sampling, exceptional resistance to contamination, and no risk of cross-contamination caused by leaky stream select valve rotors, among other advantages. We urge you to free yourselves from the burden of cluttered lab spaces, reclaim your valuable bench space, improve shipping and can cleaning efficiency – all with just one step… Take to the Sky!

The features of the SkyCan™ are truly remarkable:

No bench or floor space required for samples. All are placed above the GCMS, the preconcentrator, and the data system.

Fully automated rail system with magnetic sensing of tray and canister sampling platform positions.

Trays are available to handle all Entech canisters sizes 2.5L and smaller, as well as 500cc and 1L Bottle-Vacs.

Analyze 28 1.4L canisters on the SkyCan SK40 (40``), or with the SK75 (75``) up to 36 of the new Entech 2.5L ambient sampling canisters that provide plenty of sample to reach today’s expected detect limits while reducing shipping and storage costs.

Heated transfer line length to preconcentrator only 2’ long to reduce surface interactions, improving run to run consistency.

Inlet transfer line is vacuum cleaned immediately after exposure to the sample.

SkyScreen™ option uses a completely different flow path to perform high throughput screening with zero chance of carryover.

Fully integrated into Entech’s latest preconcentrator control software.

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