The TM1050 Remote Start System

Enables start/stop canister fill operations with a direct wire connection from up to 500 feet away

The TM1050’s wire connection allows remote sampling events to be accurately captured within confined spaces, or in hazardous environments. Examples include manhole/sewer sampling, collection of gases near a planned release, and collection of combustion/explosion products from a safe distance. The TM1050 is powered by a simple 9V battery using a “latching” valve that requires very little power. Each 9V battery can power in excess of 100 on/off operations for reliable sample collection over extended time periods.

TM1050 System Includes:

Order 39-TM1050S for Silonite™ coated Start/Stop Valve Assembly version
  • Remote Control Unit
  • Start/Stop Valve Assembly
  • 20’ remote cable

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