MiniCanTM & Bottle-VacTM Carrying Cases

Several carrying cases are available for MiniCanTM and Bottle-VacTM samplers. Options are based on the number and size of canisters needing to be shipped. Refer to the chart below for canister and valve compatibility. Custom kits can be made using PN 29-20810 which has pre-cut foam inserts to accommodate canisters, samplers, and test gauges.

Shipping Supplies

Reusable boxes with foam inserts are available for secure shipping or transportation of 250mL and 500mL Bottle-VacTM samplers. Protective dust caps are available for MicroValvesTM to help prevent the introduction of particulates during transportation. Leak-proof caps are available to ensure long term storage capability under vacuum, or when subjecting O-ring sealing valves to cold conditions

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