IH1200 Personal Monitoring System

The IH1200 Personal Monitors utilize classical vacuum sampling into MiniCansTM and Bottle-VacsTM to perform STEL or TWA monitoring for up to 12 hours. Like HDS Personal Monitors, sampling using the IH1200 eliminates the concentration and matrix effects associated with adsorbent-based sampling techniques. The IH1200 is universal, recovering all analytes in a single sampling event with no need to choose different media. Large flow rate adjustments are made by changing inlet restriction (see table below), while fine adjustments (2–3x) are made using a built in flow adjust feature. Enough sample is collected to allow multiple analyses in the laboratory, with detection limits down to low PPB if needed. The IH1200 meets the requirements of OSHA Method PV2120 for determination of workplace contaminants using MiniCanTM samplers. The sampling procedure is easy: Connect an evacuated MC450QT MiniCanTM or 500mL Bottle-VacTM and sampling starts. Monitor the fill rate on the built-in gauge to document a constant fill rate during the sampling event; disconnect the canister to stop sampling.

Indoor Air Quality / Mold Monitoring

MiniCanTM and Bottle-VacTM samplers can be used to sample for both indoor air contaminants and for Microbial VOCs. MVOCs are only found at elevated concentrations when there is live, growing mold present. Growing mold increases the likelihood of active, spore-bound micro toxins that have been shown to cause severe respiratory problems. The sample collection procedure for MVOCs is identical to that of general indoor air contaminants such as solvents and BTEX. In most cases, a grab sample is collected which takes only a few seconds to complete. Rapid sampling enables quick screening of a large number of indoor air environments.

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A breakthrough technology based on helium diffusion which yields a sampler that is small, lightweight, cost-effective, universal, and defensible. HDSTM Personal Monitors simplify the collection of chemicals in the workplace and deliver highly reliable results unaffected by factors that create errors in other diffusive samplers – such as matrix concentrations, varying humidities, and fluctuating face velocities. An HDSTM sample is easily collected based upon the reproducible diffusion of helium, creating a vacuum that pulls air in actively as helium escapes.

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