1900 Multi-Canister Sampling System

Next Generation 1900

The 1900 Multi-Channel Canister Sampler is Entech’s next generation solution for collecting air samples in Silonite™ coated canisters for detailed analysis in the laboratory by GC/MS or GC/FID/MS. A dramatically improved flow path now creates far less potential for carryover relative to other commercially available samplers. Mass Flow Controllers and solenoid valves have been eliminated, as these contain elastomeric seals that have been shown to outgas VOC’s, making it difficult to achieve VOC free blanks down to sub-PPBv levels. Instead, the 1900 uses a unique approach to start, control, and stop the sampling process that maintains both a clean and easily serviceable sample train, ensuring years of accurate collection of time integrated canister samples.

Advantages over Competing Technology

32 Position Sampler
The only 32 position sampler on the market. Allows up to 4 days of operation when sampling every 3 hours
Lower Contamination
Does not use either solenoid valves or mass flow controllers, so contamination levels are much lower.
Many Configurations
Can be set up for all trigger events, all continuous monitoring events, or 50:50.
Ease of Use
No mass flow controllers to remove and calibrate yearly
Much more accurate fill rates that achieve exact end pressures every time.
1 Full Month of Sampling
Can do 1 month of unattended 24 hour sampling for historic database generation.
Silonite™ Coated
All Silonite™ coated lines for maximum recovery and minimal carryover.
NiFTY Ferrules
Nickel ferrules to improved, leak-tight connections and zero outgassing rates.
NATTS Network Compatible
NATTS network compatible for 24hr sampling every 6 days.

Remote Sampling Made Easy w/ WIN10 Touch Screen PC, WIFI and 6 hour battery backup.

A full WIN10 touch screen controller is integrated into the panel, allowing advanced remote operation, reducing the need for programming in the field.

canister sampling for environmental

Options for Occasional Sampling to Continuous Monitoring

CH1 can be configured in a few different ways to improve system flexibility.

  • Single canister for event triggered sampling based on other sensors or remote sampling requests.
  • 8-Channel expander for programmed sampling, or extended 8 event sampling.
  • 24-Canister external sample pack based on 600cc canisters for continuous monitoring of C2–C12 compounds, Air Toxics Compounds, Carbonyls, or many odor producing compounds (Available late 2016).

Easy Flow Adjustment of CH1 & CH2

Low cost flow elements change the sampler from being optimized for slow, long term sampling (0.2 to 5cc/min) for 24 hour sampling into canisters from 0.6L to 6.0L, to much faster sampling rates as needed (10–400cc/min). No more expensive mass flow controllers to have to change out.

1900 Easy Flow Paths
1900 Canister Sampling Calibration

Simple System Calibration

Flow rates are determined by the rate of change of canister pressure. System calibration is performed automatically by adjusting the time needed to fill a known calibration volume, with automatic re-evacuation until the calibration process is completed. This greatly simplifies long term reliability and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Benzene 3 Year Study

the 1900 uses a unique approach to start, control, and stop the sampling process that maintains both a clean and easily serviceable sample train, ensuring years of accurate collection of time integrated canister samples

Advantages over a real time Analyzer

More Analysis
Lab analysis can be performed on both TO15 and PAMS compounds (C2-C10)
Easy Transportation
Can use common courier to send canisters to and from the lab, when sites are more remote
Greater Reliability
All analyzers will have downtime. Canister collection can persist if real time analyzers shutdown, resulting in no data loss.
Cost Effective
Less expensive, even when combined with cost of lab analyzers
Analysts stay in lab
Keeps expensive analysts in the lab rather than traveling out to analytical sites and stuck in traffic
More Complete Data
Can analyze samples multiple times if needed to monitor wider range of compounds or if first analysis fails – higher data capture rates provides more complete data to modelers

1900 Multi-Canister Sampling System Brochures

If you want to learn more about Entech’s new 1900 Multi-Canister Sampling System, you can download and print the brochure here.

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