Analysis of Ethylene Oxide at Low Part-Per-Trillion Levels

Analysis of Ethylene Oxide at Low Part-Per-Trillion Levels by GCMS Utilizing a Next Generation, Non-Cryogenic Preconcentrator with Multi-Capillary Column Traps to Reduce Background Interferences for  Improved Method Detection Limits   Ethylene Oxide is a highly toxic chemical that increases carcinogenic, reproductive, and developmental risks eave at part per trillion levels. The EPA recently increased its […]

7200CTS User Manual V1.1 – Customer Access

The 7200CTS is the next generation in a line of preconcentrators that started with the Model 2000 in 1990. Each of the releases that followed (7000, 7100, 7100A, 7200) improved upon its predecessor, enhancing the performance, reliability, and increasing the host of options.

7200CTS User Service Manual V1.1- Customer Access

The 7200CTS User Service Manual contains additional information that is more advanced then general users need. It is intended to be used to help users service and maintain their instruments

7200CTS-607-V01 Flow Tests

Use this procedure if there is no flow and the 7200CTS system pressure is 3 psia or lower.

7200CTS-409-V04 M12 Trap Replacement SN2111nUP

The procedure can be used with a 7200CTS with the 6 screw trap heaters. Units with a serial number of 2111 or higher always use these heaters.