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Stability of Reduced Sulfur Compounds In Inert Glass Canisters


Collection, storage, and analysis of reduced sulfur compounds can be complicated by their high volatility, reactivity, light sensitivity, and absorptive/adsorptive properties. Collecting whole air samples has previously been shown to be the method of choice for monitoring reduced sulfur compounds, as the reactive interactions between sample and strong solid adsorbent media is avoided. Tedlar bags have demonstrated only modest success for H2S and mercaptans due to their absorptive nature, resulting in acceptable storage times for H2S and CH3SH to be as little as 1 day or less. Traditionally, the cost of purchasing and transporting silica lined canisters has been a drawback for routine sampling of sulfur compounds in a number of applications, and silica lined canisters have also been shown to have stability issues at relative humidity levels above 25-30% RH.

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