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Daniel B. Cardin and Victoria L. Noad


A novel approach for the quantitative passive sampling of SVOCs in ambient and indoor air down to low part per trillion levels is presented. The new approach solves issues which have prevented quantitative passive monitoring in the past, including:

1. Obtaining accurate uptake rates for all target compounds.
2. Performing quantitative spiking of diffusive monitors or tubes to achieveequivalent recoveries compared to passive field sampling.
3. Creating effective procedures for GCMS calibration and method validation.

Simple diffusive samplers are placed at the sampling location for between 1-30 days to allow passive collection of SVOCs. Uptake rates for each SVOC were determine by co-locating active samplers that were collecting air at just 0.5cc/min, and responses were compared to determine diffusive sampling rates for the SVOCs detected. Conversion of area counts to actual ng on tube can then be done by diffusively loading calibration standards onto the tubes,followed by splitless thermal desorption into the GCMS. Similarly, calibration curves can also be created by diffusive loading onto tubes prior to splitless GCMS injection.

Extech Poster - The Combination of 3 New Sampling Techniques paired with GCMS for Determination of Up take Rates and Accurate Monitoring of SVOC Endocrine Disruptors in Indoor Air
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Create DateJune 20, 2018
Last UpdatedJune 22, 2018