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A complete monitoring solution for the measurement of Siloxanes from 10-2500 PPBv in Landfill and Digester Gas is presented. Stainless steel vacuum sampling canisters with a newly improved Silonite ceramic surface improves the storage and recovery of siloxanes out through L5/D6 with demonstrated holding times of at least 2 weeks. Improvements in GCMS sample preconcentration systems allows all siloxanes from Trimethyl Silanol (TMS) through D6 to be analyzed in a single GCMS analysis, with linear calibrations from 10 - 2500 PPBv, with or without the use of liquid nitrogen. A new robotic autosampler is also presented that creates only momentary contact with the sample, vastly reducing carryover and memory effects relative to previously used rotary valve autosamplers that maintain contact with the sample for up to several days. Calibration curves, method detection limits, and holding time studies are presented.

Monitoring of Siloxanes in Landfill and Digester Gas using Advanced Silonite App Note
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Create DateMay 24, 2017
Last UpdatedSeptember 18, 2018