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A new technique is available that can warn the TO15 analyst of the presence of high concentration samples before exposure to the trapping system. A totally separate flow path is used to send a very small volume directly to the GCMS, with a screening process that takes as little as 5-7 minutes per sample, allowing 50 or more samples to be screened during normal daytime operations, followed by full TO15 runs during evening hours. The automated system makes only momentary contact with each canister, and fully disconnects and flushes the inlet prior to connection to the next canister. This advanced feature completely eliminate any potential for a “hot” canister to contaminate other samples, as is all too frequent with standard rotary valve based autosamplers. Once screened, analytical volumes as small as 0.1cc or as large as 1000cc can be prepared for analysis, creating a 1 million fold dynamic range when combined with a GCMS calibration over a 100x range. Samples can be arranged in order of increasing concentration to eliminate any carryover concern, or can be diluted to bring concentrations into a safe range for the analyzer.

TO15 2015 05 Million Air Screen R24 App Note
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Create DateMay 24, 2017
Last UpdatedOctober 3, 2018