A technique for the comprehensive analysis of contaminants in Carbon Dioxide has been developed which quantifies a wide range of compounds that previously required multiple methods. Samples are collected in ultra inert fused silica lined stainless steel canisters for subsequent GC/MS analysis of most compound classes including aldehydes, ethers, ketones, alcohols, mercaptans, sulfides, hydrogen sulfide, and various classes of hydrocarbons and halocarbons.

Detection levels are 10-100 times lower than current methods, allowing off-flavor and potentially toxic compounds to be monitored at levels which might affect product quality. Through sample preconcentration, LOD's in the sub-ppb range are easily achieved. Fused silica coating of the sampling container, sampling pathway, and sample inlet help to minimize contact with reactive surfaces, thus insuring sample integrity. The inertness of these surfaces acts to further reduce detection limits while allowing investigation of other compound classes for which no previous methodology has been developed. Finally, this method is readily adaptable to other areas of quality control including testing of product reagents, packaging, and the final product. Multi-sample automation is available to reduce the cost associated with on-going Quality Assurance Programs.

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Create DateAugust 24, 2015
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