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7032A Autosampling System

The 7032A Autosampler automates the introduction of up to 21 MiniCans, Bottle-Vacs, or Tedlar® bags into the 7200 for preconcentration. The 7032A is ideal for gas-phase volatiles applications where concentrations are expected to be within 0.2 PPB to 500 PPB. For higher concentrations, a loop injection valve can be installed (7032AQ-L, 7032AB-L) to allow much smaller volumes to be accurately measured. With the loop injection valve installed, these autosamplers can be attached directly to a GCMS without the need for preconcentration.

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7032A Autosampling System
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Create DateAugust 24, 2015
Last UpdatedNovember 21, 2017

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