The new 7016D features 16 inlet positions that bring Entech’s automated analysis capabilities to a wide variety of vacuum sampling canisters and Tedlar® bags. The 7016D easily connects to a 7200 Preconcentrator for the automated analysis of VOCs in canisters with EPA Toxic Organics Methods TO-14A and TO-15.

The 7016D is controlled through the advanced 7200 Windows® platform and incorporates an all-new, digitally controlled rotary valve actuator with “smart positioning” that improves port alignment. Valve alignment is easy and no longer requires rotation of the valve and tubing. Allow path tubing throughout the 7016D system is Silonite® coated and heated to further reduce flow path carryover while maximizing sample recovery.

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Create DateNovember 9, 2016
Last UpdatedMarch 12, 2024