2.5L Silonite-XL™ Canister

Introducing the Entech 2.5L Silonite-XL Sampling Canisters
Entech is introducing a new canister that is large enough to meet low level TO-15/TO-15A detection limits, yet more compact and efficient than 6L canisters. The 2.5L Silonite-XL Sampling Canister was made to save lab space and reduce shipping costs without sacrificing analytical sensitivity and accuracy. When performing time integrated sampling to within 2-8mm Hg of atmospheric pressure, Entech’s 2.5L Silonite canister contains 1900 - 2330 mL of sample, which is plenty to withdraw the TO-15A recommended volume of 250mL “3 times” using an Entech 7200, 7200A Fast GCMS, or Cryogen-Free 7200CTS preconcentrator. Considering the Entech CS1200E combined with the Flow Professor Calibrator can consistently fill a canister to 2-5 inches Hg, sample volumes collected will be over 2100cc. In addition, since the CS1200E7 can fill a 6L canister over a 1 month period, the same flow controller can be calibrated by the Flow Professor to fill a 2.5L canister over 2 full weeks, and the E4+ and E6 versions can fill the 2.5L canisters over a 24 hour or 1 week period, respectively. Therefore, Entech 2.5L canisters offer a large enough volume to perform long sample integration times while providing plenty of sample for multiple analyses, which should meet the requirement of virtually any air lab. The 2.5L canister is only 5.2” in diameter, rather than the 9” consumed by 6L canisters, which not only saves lab space but allows as many as nine of the 2.5L canisters to ship in the same box used to ship just four 6L canisters.

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2.5L Silonite-XL™ Canister
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