Canister Tall Shipping Boxes

SKU: 29-22060-CUSTX

Several carrying cases are available for MiniCan™ and Bottle-Vac™ samplers. Options are based on the number and size of canisters needing to be shipped.

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Product Description

The new Entech shipping and field boxes provide a convenient way for your clients to transport your sampling equipment while enhancing your lab’s image. Made out of heavy duty cardboard and featuring a comfortable and durable handle, the new Entech boxes will last numerous deployments. They are compatible with our 6L, 3.2L, 2.7L, and 1.4L canisters and ship with special sleeves to accommodate the various sizes. In addition to the canisters, the larger box houses the smaller accessory box which holds a flow controller, gauges, and other accessories.

You can inquire about customization by clicking on the “Customize Your Box” tab below.

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