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7200CTS vs CIA Advantage-xr

Based on a revolutionary patent pending capillary column trapping system, packed traps have been totally eliminated from the design. If eliminating LN2 is high on your list, you have to look at the benefits of the 7200CTS relative to other commercial offerings:

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    7200CTS occupies 60% less bench space compared to the Markes CIA Advantage-xr

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    Eliminates temperamental Peltier Cooling, using just fans to cool down to trapping temperatures (35°C typical).

  • Far better water management than the competition, whether analyzing canisters at 3% RH to virtually 100% RH.

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    Capillary traps produce far better peak shape for light end compounds than the competition, without having to split the sample during injection.

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    Split-less injections create compatibility with next generation smaller canisters for soil gas monitoring.

  • Far more resistant to contamination.

  • Faster cool down times after bakeout (3-3.5 min).

  • Amazing linearity over a very wide dynamic range of concentrations (1000x) means fewer dilutions, fewer reruns, and therefore greater productivity.

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    Most compounds showing single-digit %RSDs across a wide range of concentrations. Makes meeting TO15 requirements easy.

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    Improved low volume measurements (10cc), with a built in loop to reduce volumes down to 1cc to further reduce the need for sample dilution.

  • All this at a lower price than the competition!

Cryo Systems

7200-01 vs 7100A & competitors

Upgraded and improved version of the 7100A, so migration to the 7200 will create virtually no changes in data packages and reporting limits

More accurate than the 7100A:

  • The fastest injecting solution on the market, producing peak widths of light end compounds as narrow as 2-3 seconds wide.

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    No mass flow controllers which demonstrate errors through conversion of flow to volume, but rather direct volume measurement.

  • Accu-Sample Technology that improves data reliability and inter-sample isolation.

  • Improved trap heater design for more even heating and cooling.

  • Better sample to sample precision, especially for smaller volumes (soil gas).

  • Greater method consistency from one 7200 to the next.

  • Improved water management.

  • Better linearity.

  • Overall greater productivity.

    Faster Cycle Times, Less Contamination, Less Downtime, Fewer Dilutions, No issues with high CO2/Methane.

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    Far less bench space than competitors offerings.

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    Utilizes weaker adsorbents than competitor's preconcentrators, allowing much faster clean-up.

  • New intuitive software design with enhanced interface. Win 7/8/10 compatible. Greater network security.

  • Rapid Parts Access. Long Term Production. Online Support.

7100A End of Life Information Available Here.
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