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SL2 Precision Static Diluter

SL2 PRECISION STATIC DILUTER SYSTEM; 90-250VAC Full Silonite-D Flow Path, all 6 Channels intalled, 5m USB Cable, Win XP/Win7 & Win10 Control Software

Product Description

The Next Generation in Standards Preparation

Introducing the all-new 4700 Precision Diluter

The 4700 comes complete with all 6 channels installed, allowing up to 4 cylinders or canisters containing PPB–PPM levels of calibrated VOC standards to be diluted extremely accurately into SiloniteTM canisters for the preparation of PPB and sub-PPB level standard mixes for calibrating GCMS systems for EPA Methods TO-14a and TO-15.

The 4700 features short Silonite-DTM flow paths, virtually zero dead volume,  and precise computer control to create ultra-reliable automated dilution mixtures never before possible.  A high accuracy pressure sensor ensures perfect dilutions using nitrogen, zero air, helium, or one of several other bulk gases.  The inlet for Channel 6 is located on the front of the 4700, allowing created standards to be reconnected for further dilution.  A full 100x dilution is possible with an expected accuracy of 2%, with the ability to perform another 100x dilution on the first canister to yield a final dilution of 10,000 fold!  Starting with standards at 1 PPM, this feature enables the creation of accurate standards at 100 part per trillion to accommodate today’s challenging monitoring requirements.  A digital scale may be used to validate dilution accuracy, using the gravimetric calibration of the pressure sensor. Considering NIST referenced weights are available to ensure proper scale calibration, removal of internal sensors for annual calibration becomes unnecessary with the 4700.

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