125mL Bottle-Vac, SC Vlv

Amber certified for recovery. Silonite coated valve.

Product Description

Bottle-VacTM samplers are the most economical gas-phase sample collection containers available. They use Micro-QTTM Valves which are small and non-contaminating by design. Our Bottle-VacTM samplers are as gas-tight as stainless-steel canisters, making them a low-cost alternative for whole air sampling. A sample is only exposed to treated glass, 316 stainless or Silonite® coated stainless-steel, and a small O-ring which forms the seal at the cap. All of these materials are inert, allowing for a wide range of analytes to be recovered. Time-weighted sampling techniques are possible using MiniCanTM sampling inlets, or by using Helium Diffusion Sampling.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
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Sampling Method

Vacuum Sampling

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