An approach for generating gas phase standards to support air monitoring using the canister technique is presented. A software program called ESP 2.0 performs the calculations to prepare low to high PPMv level standards in canisters and glass BottleVac samplers for the purpose of calibrating GCMS systems and to validate the precision and reliability of GC sample introduction systems. Low cost, neat liquid standards are used to create cocktail mixtures which are then injected into a Silonite coated 6L Canister for creation of high concentration gas phase standards, followed by subsequent dilution into a second canister or Bottle-Vac sampler to make lower concentration standards. Multiple concentrations can be generated to support multipoint calibration curves, such as when calibrating from 5-200% of OSHA PEL levels for analysis of workplace air. To support IH monitoring using HDS Personal Monitors, a Bromofluorotoluene (BFT) standard in helium and a Fluorobenzene ISTD in Nitrogen can be generated in 6L canisters, making it easier for labs to start using this exciting new alternative to badges and tubes. Finally, the ambient air analysis of chemicals not found in commercially available cylinders is supported. Creating a low PPMv standard in a 6L canister creates the initial stock standard for further dilution on an Entech 4700 Precision Diluter when preparing low to sub-PPBv level standards for ambient air methods.

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