A revolutionary leap in GC & GCMS sample prep technology.
Introducing Entech’s new solvent-free Sorbent Pen™ headspace solution, the most versatile extraction and sample preconcentration technology available for GC and GC-MS systems. Sorbent Pens combine the features of SPME and classical ¼” adsorbent traps in a design with far more flexibility and enhanced performance. The Sorbent Pen™ uses an entirely new approach for sample extraction. Direct insertion of the Sorbent Pen™ through a gas tight liner in the vial allows for a new technique called “Vacuum Assisted Sorbent Extraction”, or VASE, to recover a far wider range of compounds than ever before. Drawing a vacuum of 30x below atmosphere through the pen’s unique micro-valve allows for a more thorough and rapid equilibration to occur in the vial headspace. With 150x the phase loading of SPME, and a durable, ultra-inert Silonite treated steel enclosure, the Sorbent Pen can perform exhaustive extraction and more fully recover light to heavy compounds with improved sensitivity and reproducibility.

A More Quantitative Alternative to SPME & SBSE
VASE offers a tremendous advantage over other extraction techniques that perform extractions at atmospheric pressure where diffusion rates are suppressed. Sorbent Pens™ perform sample enrichment offline from a GCMS, allowing all samples to extract simultaneously and for longer periods of time. This approach results in high throughput while yielding a more complete and reproducible extraction for more sensitive and quantitative measurements. The low cost 5800 Sorbent Pen™ Desorption Unit (5800 SPDU) makes this exciting new technique both affordable and practical for virtually any laboratory’s budget. Upgrade to 90 sample automation with the Entech 7850 Autosampler for the ultimate in laboratory productivity. Join the Sorbent Pen™ movement and take advantage of the next generation in GCMS sample preparation!

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