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Entech HDSTM Personal Monitors

Introducing the latest HDSTM (Helium Diffusion Sampling) Personal Monitor from Entech. A breakthrough technology based on helium diffusion yields a sampler that is small, light weight, cost-effective, universal, and defensible. HDSTM Personal Monitors simplify the collection of chemicals in the workplace and deliver highly reliable results unaffected by factors that create errors in other diffusive samplers – such as matrix concentrations, varying humidities, and fluctuating face velocities. An HDSTM sample is easily collected based upon the reproducible diffusion of helium, creating a vacuum that pulls air in actively as helium escapes. A surrogate recovery compound is added to prove recovery during laboratory analysis.

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Entech HDS<sup>TM</sup> Personal Monitors
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Last UpdatedOctober 1, 2018

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