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Tool Free, Leak Free - Micro-QT™

The Micro-QT™ is a next generation pneumatic valve offering uncompromised leak-tight performance in an ergonomic design. The Micro -QT™ is also versatile, providing numerous connection options to cover a wide range of applications. Once connecting the valve to tubing using compression fittings, mating male and female valve ends is literally just a quick “Snap!”

Originally designed for environmental air sampling and analysis, the Micro-QT™ has found a place in numerous other applications. Micro-QT’s feature a distinctively bright and colorful Silonite™ coating that prevents gas phase compounds from interacting with the metal surface. The rugged, solid design stands up to thousands of connections while maintaining leak-tight operation. For air, gas, and headspace sampling professionals, the Micro QT’s™ compact internal volume reduces exposure to potentially contaminated surfaces and allows for easy cleaning.

Designed specifically for tool-free air sampling and hassle-free analysis.

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The Most Durable and Accurate Sample Collection Valves for EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15.
Grab & Critical Orifice Field Sampling Micro Valves™

There are several ways to fill a MicroValve™ canister or Bottle-Vac™ depending on sampling requirements. Here’s a brief overview:

Grab Sampling

MiniCan™ or Bottle-Vac™ samplers are filled within 0.1–0.3 minutes using an unrestricted sampler with a Micro-QT™ valve.

Restricted Critical Orifice Sampling

Sample collected using a filtered orifice restricted sampler. Fill rates are constant until the canister reaches ½ atmosphere.

Time Integrated Sampling

Time-integrated sampling is used for slow filling of canisters to determine average target compound concentrations. Fill times are 10–50 times longer than with critical orifice restricted samplers. Use CS1200E and the PN: 30-22800 adapter for Micro-QT™ Valve Samplers.

Instructions for Field Sampling
Micro-QT Valve Brochure

The Micro-QT™ Valve is optimized for volatile and light semi-volatile compounds. The Micro-QT™ Valve is compatible with all existing Entech sampling devices by simply adding a female Micro-QT™ to ¼” adapter (PN 30-22800).

Micro-QT™ Valve Kit
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